Object Storage

Highly performant, highly flexible block storage at your fingertips; attach and go.

Nexgen's Object Storage Services

In today's data-driven world, managing and storing massive volumes of data can be a challenging task for businesses of all sizes. Nexgen Object Storage offers a flexible, secure, and scalable solution to meet the demands of modern data storage. Designed to store and manage virtually limitless amounts of unstructured data, our object storage is perfect for a wide range of use-cases, from media libraries and backup archives to big data analytics.

A New Paradigm in Storage Architecture

Conventional storage systems like file and block storage have their limitations, particularly in terms of scalability and ease of access. Object Storage revolutionizes this by storing data as self-contained 'objects' in a flat architecture, with each object containing the data, metadata, and a unique identifier. By eliminating hierarchical folder structures, Object Storage allows for more efficient and flexible data storage and retrieval, making it ideal for cloud-based solutions.

Seamless Scalability
Nexgen’s Object Storage is designed to scale automatically as your data grows. Its architecture supports the handling of petabytes of data, while maintaining high performance. This dynamic scalability frees you from worrying about storage limitations as you expand.

Use Cases

  • Media Hosting: Quickly and easily serve images, videos, and other media content directly to users or applications.
  • Data Backups: Store backups of critical business data, with options for automated backup procedures.
  • Content Delivery: Integrate seamlessly with Nexgen for a fast, global distribution of content.
  • Big Data & Analytics: Store large datasets and integrate with various data analytics tools to extract meaningful insights from your data.

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